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Batch PDF Pro 3.0.1
Batch PDF Pro是一個專業的PDF軟件解決方案,它不僅可以把TXT,HTML或圖像文件轉換成PDF文件,也可以讓你添加文本或圖像水印和印章。此外,它可以加密或解密,簽名,合併,分割和突發文件。

Languages: English
Batch PDF Pro is a professional software solution that includes a huge backpack of features. Not only does it convert TXT, HTML or image files into PDFs, but it also allows you to add text or image watermark and stamp. Furthermore, it is possible to encrypt or decrypt, sign, merge, split and burst files.

Key Features:
- Microsoft Office 2010 Layout
- Live Preview
- Everything in Batch Mode
- Process Thousands of Files at Once
- Hassle-free PDF Watermarking Using Text / Image
- PDF Stamping Made Easy
- Batch Convert Text and Images to PDF
- Batch PDF Encrypting, Signing and Decrypting
- Batch PDF Merging, Splitting and Bursting

Features in Detail:
- The user interface is intuitive and you should get used to working with this program in no time.
- Thanks to its well-organized options and clean layout, it appeals to both beginners and professionals.
- It supports batch processing and it also allows you to drag and drop the files directly into the main window.
- It converts plain text to PDF and the output file can be tweaked by specifying the page size, font style and the color.
- Additional options for the HTML to PDF conversion include setting up the margin (top, left, bottom, right) and orientation (portrait, landscape).
- A docked menu (“Action Clips”) helps you edit, sort or remove the files and you can even perform a quick search throughout your documents.
- Converting images to PDF files is also possible.
- The text watermark can be customized in terms of opacity, layout (horizontal, vertical or rotation) and font styles and colors can be changed.
- In order to apply an image watermark or a stamp on your files you can choose an image from a predefined list or simply browse the computer for other images.
- All these adjustments can be previewed in the main window.
- The app allows you to encrypt files by adding passwords and setting up permissions (enabling or denying access) and to decrypt them by specifying the password or the certificate.
- The program supports document signing by adding a signature (reason, contact, location) and by editing PDF Metadata (e.g. author, title, subject).
- Users can also make the signature visible in the main window.
- Moreover, it is possible to merge or split multiple files. The app managed to perform each task quickly and no errors showed up during our tests.
- In conclusion, Batch PDF Pro is a reliable tool that helps you handle PDFs quickly and effortlessly.
Release Notes:

- May include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.
System Requirements:
- Windows 10 32/64 bit
- Windows 8 32/64 bit
- Windows 7 32/64 bit
- Windows Vista 32/64 bit
- Windows XP