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Devart dotConnect for MySQL 8.12.1307 Professional MySQL數據庫連接的數據發生器控件
dotConnect破解版能夠連接和訪問不同類型的數據庫並以最佳性能對其進行管理,用於連接到基於ADO.NET架構和具有大量創新,有價值和功能性技術的開發框架而構建的數據庫類型,這些技術可以對數據庫及其中的廣泛組織進行完全訪問和管理。 dotConnect包括用於大型數據庫的高性能數據提供程序,並為開發數據庫和網站應用程序提供了有效而完整的解決方案。具有日常技術和高級ORM(對象關係映射對象映射)(例如Entity Framework和LinqConnect)的dotConnect提供了設計應用程序和提高數據庫相關應用程序生產率的新方法。 dotConnect允許您連接和訪問Oracle,MySQL,PostgreSQL,SQLite,DB2和SQL Server數據庫。dotConnect可用於現代軟件開發的所有領域,包括:Web應用程序和相關服務,Windows應用程序以及移動和企業應用程序的開發。使用dotConnect會帶來高性能,完全的穩定性,不足的安全性和可靠性以及可靠的安全支持。專業版增加了更多的類,工具,技術和集成功能。

dotConnect is an upgraded solution for connecting to database types built around ADO.NET architecture and a development framework with a significant number of innovative, valuable and functional technologies that enable the full access and management to databases and extensive organization in them. dotConnect includes high performance data providers for large databases and provides efficient and complete solutions for developing database and website applications.

dotConnect with day-to-day technology and advanced ORM (Object Relational Mapping Object Mapping), such as Entity Framework and LinqConnect, provide new ways to design applications and enhance productivity of database-related applications. dotConnect allows you to connect to and access Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, DB2 and SQL Server databases.

dotConnect can be used in all areas of modern software development, including: Web applications and related services, Windows applications, and the development of mobile and enterprise applications. Using dotConnect involves high performance, complete stability, inadequate security and reliability, as well as dependable and secure support.

Features of Devart dotConnect

Ability to connect and access different types of databases and manage them with best performance
High performance associated with ADO.NET
Database-specific expansion and expansion
Visual Studio integration
ORM solutions include ADO.NET Entity Framework, LinqConnect, NHibernate and ORM model designer.
Powerful features in the field of SQL Server Business intelligence solutions
Having ASP.NET related features
Powerful tool for database management
Contains RAD development framework
Has advanced components and widgets
Maximum support for Design Time