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Ashampoo Video Filters and Exposure 1.0.1 Multilingual 視頻處理工具
大部分拍攝的視頻開始都並不完美。比如可能光線不足,色彩不自然或只是缺乏個性化風格。Ashampoo Video Filters & Exposure 是一款直觀簡單的視頻編輯器,為你的視頻賦予獨一無二的風格!該程序為用戶提供了從簡單到複雜精巧的各種功能,可根據需要調整曝光和顏色。以像素級的精度調整白平衡、曝光、陰影和燈光,還有自動色調校正可幫助用戶找到理想值。內置 23 種可疊加的視頻特效 - 從花式到華麗,從經典黑白到現代彩色發光效果,甚至可以讓視頻變得無比時尚和藝術。集成的實時預覽提供即時視覺反饋,避免出現不理想的效果。Ashampoo Video Filters & Exposures 不僅可以增強和應用視頻特效,還可以旋轉和裁剪視頻。支持固定角色(90°/ 180°/ 270°)和自定義角度旋轉。可以按傳統視頻分辨率或自定義分辨率進行裁剪。Ashampoo Video Filters & Exposure 支持導入任何分辨率的各種常見視頻格式,包括 HD,2K 和 4K 素材。

Icon: mark 修改曝光、飽和度和白平衡設置
Icon: mark 預置彩色濾鏡
Icon: mark 將視頻裁剪為任何格式
Icon: mark 自定義旋轉視頻
Icon: mark 輕鬆旋轉和鏡像視頻
Icon: mark 優化白平衡、曝光和飽和度
Icon: mark 簡單直觀的編輯視頻

Most videos don't come out perfect straight away. For example, they can suffer from poor lighting, unnatural colors or simply lack a personal touch. Ashampoo Video Filters & Exposure is intuitive video editing that adds style to any footage! From plain and simple to artful, the program offers users multiple functions to adjust exposure and colors to their needs.

Adjustments to white balance, exposure, shadows or lights are carried out with pixel-perfect precision, while an automatic tonal value correction helps users find ideal values. Things can even take a stylish and artistic turn, thanks to 23 built-in superimposable video effects – from fancy to flashy and from classic black-and-white to a modern color glow effect. The integrated live preview provides instant visual feedback and helps avoid disappointment. Ashampoo Video Filters & Exposures not only enhances and applies effects to videos but also rotates and crops them. Rotation supports both fixed (90° / 180° / 270°) and custom angles. Cropping can either be performed based on traditional video formats or custom resolutions. Ashampoo Video Filters & Exposure imports all common video formats at any resolution, including HD, 2K and 4K footage.

Feature highlights:
Modify exposure, saturation and white balance settings
Color filter presets
Crop videos to any format
Rotate clips by custom angle
Rotate and mirrors videos comfortably
Optimize white balance, exposure and saturation
Plain and simple video editing

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