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Inspire Multilingual 一個無干擾的、輕量級的 markdown 寫作環境,提升寫作效率
Inspire給你一個無干擾的、輕量級的 markdown 寫作環境,提升寫作效率。無論是便箋筆記、博客文章還是小說創作,你只需要聚焦內容,其它的都交給 Inspire。Inspire可以幫助您減少分心並專注於寫作。Inspire 靈感乾淨,輕盈,不受任何可能妨礙寫作的影響。Inspire 的單一文庫將你的成果組織和管理得井井有條。無論是簡單的筆記、學校的論文,還是日常的博客文章,一個簡單的搜索,目標自然浮現。然後就集中精神繼續寫作吧。Inspire 可以輕鬆將你的作品以適合的風格導出成 PDF、Word 文檔、Markdown 文件以及 HTML,以便將你的作品輕易和快速傳播到各處。更可以通過簡單的幾次點擊,瞬間將你的作品直接發佈到 WordPress 和 Medium 等平台。Inspire 有強大的功能足以讓你擁有愉快的寫作體驗,但它們並不一股腦兒堆砌到你面前。在你需要時,它們會適時浮現。這就是 Inspire 的簡潔與優雅的使你免於不安之道。Inspire 沒有“保存”按鈕,解放你的“保存焦慮”。自動保存你的寫作內容,文件再也不會丟失,甚至意外刪除的內容,也可以被恢復,除非是你自己刻意的刪除。Inspire 還可以通過 Google Drive、Dropbox 和 OneDrive 等雲服務幫你無縫地在多台 PC 之間同步文庫,而雲同步無異於一種更高級的“自動保存”與“備份”,保障數據安全。

Inspire helps you cut out distractions and focus on writing. Writing is hard enough, and the blinking icons in the system tray and flashy animations on the browser just make it even harder to stay focused on what you want to say. So your productivity suffers. Inspire is clean, light, and is free from everything that can get in the way of your writing.

Inspire manages everything you’ll ever write in one place
How frustrating it is when you just can’t find the file! Inspire organizes and manages all your work in a unified library, be it simple notes, school essays, or daily blog posts, just with an easy search, and voilà, there’s your work. All there’s left for you to do is to focus, and write.

Inspire’s flexible export meets all your needs
Inspire can easily export your work into gorgeous properly formatted and styled PDFs, Word documents, Markdown files and HTML documents, so you can quickly and easily get your content out into the world. You can also publish to WordPress and Medium right from within Inspire. All these are just a click away within a matter of seconds.

Inspire creates a clean, immersive writing environment
Inspire is packed with advanced features that make your writing experience enjoyable. But they stay right out of you way until you actually need them. This is how Inspire creates the clean and elegant writing interface, so you can be free from any distraction.

Inspire saves and syncs your writing automatically in real-time
Inspire automatically saves your work when you’re writing, so your file will never get lost out of the blue, or even deleted by accident: You can always restore it. Unless, of course, you erase it yourself. It also lets you sync among multiple PCs seamlessly with the help from cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. You can by all means see the syncing feature an update to the auto-save and backup.