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SQL Maestro Oracle Maestro Multilingual-Oracle管理工具
Oracle Maestro是一款功能強大的用於Oracle管理和數據庫開發的強大Windows GUI解決方案。使用旨在為用戶提供簡單輕鬆的方式來完成所有的數據庫管理和操作,可用於數據庫管理,控制和開發。使用Oracle Maestro,您可以操作數據庫對象,可視化構建查詢,將數據庫表示為ER圖,執行查詢和SQL腳本,查看和編輯包括BLOB在內的數據,它為您提供了一組功能強大的工具,用於編輯和執行SQL腳本,構建數字數據的可視化圖表,撰寫OLAP多維數據集等等。導出和導入大多數流行數據文件格式,管理訪問權限等。

Oracle Maestro is the premier Windows GUI admin tool for development and management of Oracle databases. It allows you to make all the database operations easy and fast. Using Oracle Maestro you can operate database objects, build queries visually, represent databases as ER diagrams, execute queries and SQL scripts, view and edit data including BLOBs, represent data as diagrams, compose OLAP cubes, export and import data to/from most popular file formats, manage access privileges, and use a lot of other tools designed for the easiest and most efficient work with Oracle server.

Key features:
Easy database management
Oracle Maestro allows you to create and drop databases quickly. Database profiles give you the opportunity to connect to databases in one touch and work with the selected databases only.

Powerful database object management
Oracle Maestro provides you with an ability to manage database objects. For example, you can perform operations with a group of objects as well as with a single object in Object Manager, sort, group and filter the database objects within Object Browser, copy an object from one database to another by a drag-and-drop operation inside the explorer tree, use Windows clipboard to copy a set of objects and so on.

Working with tables and table subobjects
Oracle Maestro wizards and editors allow you to create, edit and drop tables as well as their fields, indexes, triggers and foreign keys in a couple of simple operations.

Building and executing queries
Oracle Maestro provides two powerful tools which allow you either to edit query text directly with syntax highlighting and code completion or to build a query diagram visually selecting tables and fields, setting links between tables and so on.

Support of the latest Oracle features
Use Oracle Maestro to work with Oracle 8.x - 11.x! Among other features and objects implemented in the latest versions of the server, our software supports functions, procedures, sequences, packages, types, queues, and much more.

Powerful data management tools
With Oracle Maestro you can view and edit table data (including BLOB fields), export and import data to/from MS Excel, MS Access, DBF, XML, TXT, CSV and other formats, get SQL data dump and more.

Work with database metadata
Oracle Maestro provides you with a number of tools for working with database metadata and SQL scripts, including code folding.

Security management
Oracle Maestro provides you with an efficient way to manage access privileges. You can either grant/revoke permissions for a concrete database object such as table or function, or operate with grantees' privileges in their editors.

Full customization according to your preferences and needs
You can customize the software behavior, select a user interface scheme and set a lot of other preferences.