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Avanquest Formation Windows 10 v1.0.0.0

  Windows 10中的培訓將允許您通過為初學者和已確認的Windows設計的交互式視頻培訓來發現和掌握新Windows®10的基本功能。通過一百個章節,您將按照自己的進度涵蓋Windows 10計算機的所有可能性。享受超過3小時的視頻,並可選擇您感興趣的訓練點。







  -更新到Windows 10


  -升級到Windows 10的最低要求

  -“獲取Windows 10”圖標未顯示在通知區域中

  -我的應用程序和設備是否可以在Windows 10上運行?

  -Windows Media Center消失



  -Windows 10會話











  Windows 10中提供的其他功能:









  -Windows Vista 32位,Windows Vista 64位,Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10

  -可用硬盤空間:1 GB

  -需要Internet Explorer或Edge瀏覽器


Languages: French | 

Training in Windows 10 will allow you to discover and master the essential features of the new Windows® 10 through an interactive video training designed for both beginners and confirmed Windows. Through a hundred chapters, you will cover all the possibilities of your Windows 10 computer at your own pace. Enjoy more than 3 hours of video with the possibility to select the training points that interest you.

Everything you need to know to master Windows® 10!
- More than 3 hours of videos
- One hundred associated courses
- Ideal for beginners and confirmed on Windows
- Quality content delivered by a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Before installation:
- Update to Windows 10
- Should I make a backup before upgrading?
- Minimum requirements to upgrade to Windows 10
- The Get Windows 10 icon does not appear in the notifications area
- Will my applications and devices work on Windows 10?
- Disappearance of Windows Media Center

Discovering Windows® 10:
- First approach of the Start menu
- Windows 10 sessions
- Sensitive areas of the screen no longer exist
- Open a Windows session
- Create an image password / PIN
- Restore the password of a Microsoft account

Cortana Voice Assistant:
- Configure Cortana for voice
- Speak to Cortana
- Find files and information
- Ask Cortana to stay tuned
- Set up Cortana

Other features available in Windows 10:
- The OneNote smart notepad
- The continuum mode
- Synchronization of devices
- Geolocation
- Access to virtual desktops and applications
Release Notes:

- Initial release.
System Requirements:
- Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
- Available hard disk space: 1 GB
- Internet Explorer or Edge browser required
- Language of videos and training: French