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NI TestStand 2019 v19.0.0-專業的測量管理軟件,主要用於開發自動測試和驗證系統
TestStand是NI公司自主開發研究的一款軟件平台。NI TestStand是一款可立即執行的測試管理軟件,它可以幫助用戶更快地開發自動測試和驗證系統。 NI TestStand可用於開發、執行和部署測試系統軟件。 此外,用戶還可使用任何編程語言編寫的測試代碼模塊開發測試序列。 測試序列可以指定執行流、生成測試報告、進行數據庫記錄以及連接其他公司系統。 最後,用戶可借助易用的操作界面,在生產中部署測試系統。
NI TestStand是可立即執行的測試執行管理軟件,用於組織、控制和執行您的自動化原型設計、驗證或製造測試系統。加入在LabVIEW、LabWindows/CVI、Visual C/C++、Visual Basic .NET和C#中編寫的測試程序,使用NI TestStand快速創建測試序列。NI TestStand基於一個高速多線程執行引擎,其性能足以滿足最為嚴苛的測試處理能力要求。
NI TestStand的功能完全由用戶定義。為滿足特定需求,您可自行對其進行功能修正和改進,例如定製操作界面、生成自定義報告或修改序列執行要求等。借助NI TestStand,您可將精力集中於特殊的測試要求,NI TestStand則管理普通的序列、執行和匯報任務。

NI TestStand 2019 version 19.0.0 | 
The LabVIEW team is pleased to announce the availability of TestStand 2019 version 19.0 is application software that helps test and validation engineers quickly build and deploy automated test systems.

The following items are Bug Fixes in TestStand 2019:

- SequenceAdapter.GetSequenceFile() does not enforce Absolute Path.
- GetGUIDAsString in Modelsupport2.dll does not generate properly formatted GUIDs.
- LabVIEW VI absolute path check does not handle PPLs properly
- Connector panes that reference large LabVIEW class hierarchies reload the entire hierarchy when selecting a step.
- The TestStand Deployment Utility returns the error -19062 when deploying components to a local repository or package installer.
- Clicking on the filter icon for the file column in the log window of the TestStand LabVIEW NXG Conversion Utility throws an exception.
- Unable to load LabVIEW NXG VI under ThisComputer target from project in a path with multibyte characters.
- Calling DisplayFlagsDialog() in an application without the UI Controls does not expose the same functionality as an application that contains UI Controls.
- Max and Min functions are not NaN aware in expressions
- Access Denied" Error launching TestStand when Windows user name has Japanese characters
- Timestamp UTC value will change for a LabVIEW VI step if the sequence file is opened in a different time zone but no edit is done to the step or sequence.
- Editing a Sequence Analyzer rule that references a LabVIEW NXG code module crashes the Sequence Analyzer dialog
- Changing base destination of a packed project library in the TestStand Deployment Utility causes the build to fail
- Time Stamp conversion fails intermittently when value passes between TestStand and LabVIEW
- When using the FileOpenMode_Uniquify File Open Mode in the New CSV Output Stream, the non-uniquified name is shown in the report
- TestStand 2019 no longer supports selecting INI format for sequence files

About NI TestStand. TestStand is ready-to-run test management software that is designed to help you quickly develop automated test and validation systems. You can use TestStand to develop, execute, and deploy test system software. You can extend the functionality of your system by developing test sequences in TestStand that integrate code modules written in any programming language. TestStand provides extensible plug-ins for reporting, database logging, and connectivity to other enterprise systems. You can deploy test systems to production with easy-to-use operator interfaces.

This is a TestStand Tutorial that i put together to show the functionality and implementation of this tool as Test management SW, running LabVIEW based test modules and Scripting Language tests including Python & Perl. Showing its functionality for Sequential and Parallel/Batch test runs, using NI TestStand.

About National Instruments. Since 1976, National Instruments has equipped engineers and scientists with tools that accelerate productivity, innovation and discovery. NI’s graphical system design approach to engineering provides an integrated software and hardware platform that speeds the development of any system needing measurement and control. The company’s long-term vision and focus on improving society through its technology supports the success of its customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.

Product: NI TestStand
Version: 2019 version 19.0.0
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: *

* Review Supported Operating Systems:
Windows Windows 7 Starter, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate (SP1) (x86-x64)
Windows 8.1 (x86-x64)
Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise Build 1703 or higher (x86-x64)
Windows Embedded Standard 7 (SP1)
Windows Server 2008 R2 (SP1) (x64)
Windows Server 2012 R2 (x64)